behind the scenes {Newborn Photoshoot}

Behind the scenes with this sweet little --- makes you want to just curl up and take a nap! 😴



delight comes quickly {Aiden}

suprise and delight can jump right into our lives quick ---- taking this adorable family of three from Tiburon to four in just a matter of minutes!

this very cheeky and very loveable 10lb little was almost born in the waiting room! Wowzers, now that's some mama power. 





joy {natalie}

joy has that way of surprising us --- sometimes just when we need it. 

the lovely Natalie brings us all some much needed smiles with her sweet cheeks and that face!

how do you cultivate joy?  


San Francisco / Bay Area Newborn Photographer {Sophie}



Maternity photography session in San Francisco - {into the woods}

Oh, I cannot wait because today this gorgeous mama is bringing her surprise little boy into the studio. With an age gap of 6 years, big sister is such a wonderful age to pose with her new buddy. We won't head outside today at all because it's so rainy but we did get this beautiful sunny day in San Francisco's Golden Gate park to work with a few weeks ago. This family has so much love for each other - I enjoyed the witnessing the snuggles from this curly-q'ed 6 year old the most. You can tell she's going to be a great little helper.