Adorable Celine 

It's been a long time since I posted on the blog so please always check my facebook page for more recent portraits. But here is beautiful Celine {14 days old} and just so idea of the varied images you get at your session. Enjoy!


Published - Evoking You!

I am not great at keeping up with this blog - only so many things a two handed, two footed woman can do! Anyhoo, I am SO honored to have been selected TOP TEN images by Evoking You - and then my Portrait of the lovely doggie and baby WON first place! If you haven't seen this blog, it's amazing!

Here is the winning image and the litle sweet baby with her eyes open.

For the blog link and to see the other top nine images:


Happy Fourth!

From 21 month-old, patriotic little miss V and her baby brother. Enjoy your day and love the ones your with!


San Francisco Child Photograhy Session - curly haired beauties

These sisters were visiting from Ireland and their lovely curls and beautiful pale skin were to die for. Because the older sister had so many portraits of her already, we focused on the little one. I love the little one's curiousity and wonder when exploring in nature...just precious.




Why is good photography expensive?

If you’ve ever worked with a good photographer, then you’ve learned that good photography is expensive.

Why is it?

Because good photography is not easy.

The photographer might make it look so. They might not seem stressed or even like they are having fun, but don’t confuse expertise with ease. They are not the same thing.

And the truth is, bad photography is more expensive than good photography.

Bad photography wastes time, money and memories. Whether you’re getting pictures of your baby or your wedding, imagine the cost of trying to do that again if you don’t like the photos. You might be able to have another perfectly peaceful moment with your baby but no one in the history of mankind has spent money redoing their wedding because their photography was lame.

Good stuff is expensive.

It should be. This principle applies to web design, writing, and almost every other field or industry on the planet.

If you don’t believe me, go take your own photos first.

---This is a repost from Jon Acuff. Thank you for taking the time to recognize all the costs and talent that come with this profession!

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